One Fun Day in Sevenum


The participants of the Pencak Silat seminar in Sevenum: pesilat from Tapak Suci Germany and Setia Hati Terate the Netherlands.

Life is a continuous learning experience. At least, this is what the people, who practice Pencak Silat (Indonesian martial art) know very well. With their constant desire to always learn something new, Pencak Silat practitioners or pesilat in Setia Hati Terate Sevenum – Venlo, the Netherlands invited Joko Suseno (grand master of Tapak Suci style, who manages Pencak Silat schools in Bonn and Cologne, Germany) to teach them self-defense techniques.


Joko Suseno and Chris Pauwels.

The organizer, Chris Pauwels, said that he and some of his pesilat mates have once attended a seminar given by Joko Suseno in Amsterdam. From there, they were interested in learning more from the grand master and decided to arrange a Pencak Silat seminar in Sevenum.  “For the young students, I hope they can be more motivated that they experience the master of Pencak Silat teaching them and hopefully they can join longer and for us (the adults) it is of course a nice opportunity to train with him, to learn more of his techniques”, explained the Pencak Silat trainer.

The seminar was divided into three sessions, namely self-defense techniques without weapon (empty hand), with karambit and with sarong. Joko, who constantly gives self-defense training and seminars to martial art communities all over Europe, disclosed that this was upon the organizer’s request to be taught the three techniques. “When the planners know or practice Pencak Silat, they usually request the techniques they want to learn, but if the people who invite me are from any other martial art communities, then I decide what I will teach them.”


Joko Suseno with the young pesilat of Setia Hati Terate.

Five young participants took part in the first session, which is the empty hand technique. This was also the reason why Chris included this subject in the seminar. “Empty hand I choose because I wanted that our young siswa (student) could join the seminar so they also could have the chance to train with Joko Suseno”, claimed Chris. “Last time in Amsterdam we did also karambit and all of us really liked this weapon, so that’s the reason I also choose this for the seminar. And sarong we never trained with this, so for all of us it was a new experience”, he added.

The whole seminar experience was a success and enjoyed by all the participants. Their gathering was extended to a dinner session in an Indonesian restaurant nearby.

The following video summarizes how the training went. Have a look!


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